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Neville Coleman



Video Biography


Notable Achievements:

Has traveled with and led expeditions all over the Indo/Pacific, documenting over 12,000 species.

Has personally discovered over 450 species, written over 1000 articles and authored sixty marine life natural history books.

Winner of numerous awards for photography and is Honorary Fellow, Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Board Member, Project AWARE Asia/Pacific
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Neville Coleman


Honorary  Fellow  Australian Institute  of Professional  Photography;  Associate  Australian museum;  Consultant  Queensland   Museum;  Project AWARE  Board of Governors ASIA/PACIFIC

Multi-award winning photographic environmentalist, Neville has been seriously recording the aquatic wildlife of the Asia/Pacific region since 1963.

With over 1000  published articles in over 150 magazines, 100,000  images and 60 marine life  natural history books ( 29  self published) to his credit he is one of the most accomplished  underwater  educational authors in the world.

Neville has traveled with and led expeditions all over the Indo-Pacific pursuing the identification of marine species (he has personally discovered over 450 new species  of marine life).

In 1969 /73 he led the Australian Coastal Marine Expedition on the first underwater photographic fauna survey ever attempted  around an entire continent. Since then  he has completed over 160 expeditions  throughout Australia and across the globe, documenting some 12,000 species  of  aquatic flora and fauna.  Many of these were photographed in their natural habitat for the first time.

Neville’s discoveries, scientific collections, photographs and observations have contributed to over a hundred scientific papers and journals,  books and magazines. His investigations and studies into all aspects of aquatic natural history range through every major phylum of marine animals, from sponges through to mammals.

As a result of his travels Neville’s books  relate to the entire Asia/Indo- Pacific area. Dive guides of  Australia and the Great Barrier Reef,  Wildlife Guides of  Fiji, Tonga, the Solomon Islands, the Maldives, Papua  New  Guinea etc.).  Some of his productions  (1001  NUDIBRANCHS  1700  pictures)   are the most comprehensive of their kind in the world.  He writes on  mollusks, echinoderms, fish identification, on the behavior of reef creatures, on sea birds and  sea safety guides such as  Dangerous Sea Creatures.

In addition, he has explored out-of-the-way places such as Norfolk Island, Cocos/Keelings, Christmas Island, Lord Howe Island and many others.

Neville travels far and wide lecturing and teaching on his specialties at Dive  Shows and Conferences having  appeared at  over 300 venues including several in the USA.   Few divers anywhere have contributed so much to the science and literature of marine identification/biology and the adventure experience of sport diving.